Silicon Slave – Loudmouth

A twisted-degenerate born in New Orleans and raised in the foothills of Australia, Silicon Slave is the diverse musical ramblings of Augustus Walker. His 7th release, yet his first journey into hip hop, ‘Loudmouth’ is a collection of super sharp rhymes delivered over Silicon Slave’s unique blend of psychedelic bass heavy beats.
If you like your hip hop with catchy hooks and female vocals, then look elsewhere. If you are down with skiller rhymes over big phat glitch-hop beats, then ‘Loudmouth’ is right up your alley. From the opening track ‘Room to Seethe’, calling out “every patchouli smoking douchebag who acts like they know the meaning of life, while tripping over themselves at every turn”, to the lead single ‘Corporate Furry’ which serves up a slather of superlative lyrics before the beat spirals off into instrumental glitch-hop madness, Silicon Slave let’s rip with no abandon on both the production and rhymes.