Skurge of the Third Rock from the U.V

Quorum Consensus – Skurge of the Third Rock from the U.V

Seven tracks of aural assault and lyrical blasphemy.

Fresh out of the band’s own Skybar Studios, the album pays homage to the groups’s unadultered content and grimey sound. From intro, ‘Whatitis’, a short, sharp sound-blast to the chops, AeoN and N.O.C. hit the mic with fiendish fervour. Featuring a blood-spatter of feature artists, from the croonings of Fat Tuesday’s Teach to the death-rattle of Kablamo!’s Seabass, the album showcases the band’s full sonic spectrum.

From ‘Cliche’, the album’s lead single, a funky, nonsensical track that subtly takes the piss out of pop music, and the over-used phrases ‘we all use everyday’, to ‘Pyrolysis’, the twisted tale of a stripper on the edge – the band paints a bleak world populated by dark themes and tongue-in-cheek psychosis.