Word Travels

Scripted Dialects – Word Travels

It’s time to crack the barrel! After three years of fermentation, Scripted Dialects present their finest batch to date, Word Travels, a heady mix of hip hop jams, big cuts and brain buzzing lyrics.

Laced with the finest intoxicants, the album’s lead single “Distilled” and its brother in crime “P.O.E.T.S.”, are both up-tempo testaments to the good times and liquid revelry. Contrasted by the full flavours and acoustic vibes of “Heading Home”, “Terra Nullius” and “Global Warning”, the resulting album is well-balanced and smoother than the top shelf.

Proving that their debut brew wasn’t just a lucky beginner’s batch, Word Travels is a diverse record that further shows the band’s identity, willing to both bring the party without leaving the intellect in the bottom of the bottle. Now signed to Beanstalk Records, the crew are proud to announce the release of Word Travels.