Beanstalk 4th Birthday Jam!

In four short years Beanstalk Records has released a total of 100 songs over 10 releases. We’ve produced five world class music videos to support those releases and our artists have made many more. We’ve booked countless shows, tours and festivals for our roster and hustled our way into your awareness. All in the name of music.

But there is more than just the music. There is the message and intention behind the music and how that inspires people into new ways of thinking and feeling. There is how people connect with each other around the music, the community it creates. There is the example the artist sets by how they live their lives, and how that motivates people to act.

This last year has seen Beanstalk distinctly shift it’s focus from ambitiously releasing music to intentionally creating positive change on all levels. A studio has been established on the Bossman’s family property with the intention of establishing an off-grid solar powered studio and permaculture farm that supports the growth of not only our artists music but also create the community and sets the example that just might motivate people to positive action. A new website will be launched in the near future (your looking at it!) and 2016 will finally see some proper Beanstalk merch! Think mad designs on sustainably sourced hemp, bamboo and cotton.

To celebrate our 4th Birthday, the Beanstalk Family will be bringing all their talents and toys down to Vision Gallery in West End to have a party on Friday 27th November! Once again we’ve partnered with Steven Bowerman’s Vision Gallery because not only is every party we have there off the hook, but Steve shares a similar vision and is also establishing something out at his property near Warwick. He is building a castle, literally. Ask him about it on the night. 😉

Sian Evans (from The Rusty Datsuns) and AeonMind (from Quorum Consensus) will also be sharing some of their solo work early in the piece before the all in mad shenanigans jam session so make sure you get in early!

With the jam hosted by the ever so quirky loop-busting party-conductors Choon Goonz on a Friday night full moon in the heart of West End right above the Motor Room…. you just know this is gonna be so tight and so loose all at the same time!