Choon Goonz New Single Chocoholics

The genre-hopping party starters are excited to share with you the lead single of their forthcoming ‘Serious Fun EP’.

‘Chocoholics’ captures the essence of the Goonz and their ethos of having some serious fun when it comes to making music. On the surface the song comes across as a super tasty and fun bass heavy banger about everyone’s favourite drug, Chocolate. However, unwrap the rapper and it becomes obvious Chocolate can be a metaphor for anything addictive and highlights our insatiable appetite for always wanting more of that which appeals to the senses, but never truly satisfies.

For a song about over indulgence and addiction the goonz approached this serious topic tongue in cheek. They went all out putting on an outrageous chocolate party and enlisting heavy weight film company 18 Degrees to produce a top notch music video lacing it with pop-cult references from the Easter Bunny to Willy Wonka.